QUICKUP GEL is an ionic calcium supplement for dairy cattle which is effective in mitigating various signs of milk fever and facilitating the quick recovery of cows suffering from post parturient milk fever. Ionic calcium supplement administered prior to calving also cuts down the chances of occurrence of milk fever significantly. Cissus quadrangularis, a constituent herb of QUICKUP, has been known to increase serum calcium level, which would translate into the quicker recovery of cows from milk fever. QUICKUP also contains magnesium ion which has a synergistic effect with calcium in preventing milk fever. It is important to supply the periparturient cow with sufficient magnesium to fulfil its needs, and to prevent the dry cows from being too fat.


Instant calcium supplement with better palatability
Optimizing normal calcium levels in post parturient dairy animals
Supplying magnesium for better mobilization of calcium ions
Maintaining optimum production & preventing milk fever


Increases calcium mobilization from bone
Increases calcium absorption from the intestine
Ensures rapid and efficient absorption of calcium.
Maintains serum calcium level longer than IV calcium therapy.
Provides more calcium than IV calcium injection


One tube prior to calving followed by another within 6-18 hours after calving. Do not exceed 2 doses within 24 hours

Administer the content of the tube in the mouth of an animal by slowly squeezing the tube to gently spurt the gel. Allow the animal to swallow it. Ensure that, the gel is completely administered. Do not forcefully squeeze the tube to the back of an animal`s mouth or throat.


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