NutriSpark Aqua

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A Stable Blend of Macro Minerals for Desired Pond Health


NutriSpark Aqua is a combination of naturally occurring essential Macro Minerals in a compatible base for desired pond health, better productivity, reduced FCR, and improved growth by preventing the deficiency of essential macro minerals in Fish, Shrimps & Prawns.

NutriSpark Aqua is an enriched blend providing optimum quantities of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium & Chlorides


  • Improves availability of macro-nutrients
  • Controls mineral equilibrium in the pond
  • Prevents & controls cramps, white muscle problems in shrimps
  • Reduces low survival rate & slow mortality in shrimps
  • Induces timely molting to obtain desired ADG (Average Daily Gain) in shrimps
  • Helps to maintain health & uniform growth
  • Improves FCR and productivity in Fish & Shrimps


The required quantity of NutriSpark Aqua should be mixed with water or sand and sprinkled evenly on the pond surface.

During Pond Preparation: 20 to 30 Kg / Ha

During Culture: 10 to 20 Kg / Ha / week

During rainy season/molting: 50 to 100 Kg / Ha

In Feed Application:

For Fish & Prawn Feed: 10 Kg per Ton of Feed

or as advised by an Aquaculture Expert


25 Kg Bag


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