CEFTVET-S 4.5gm Injection

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CEFTVET-S contains Ceftriaxone, broad-spectrum 3rd generation Cephalosporin which is a potent bactericidal agent against gram-positive & gram-negative as well as Sulbactam, β-lactamase inhibitors which protects Ceftriaxone by inhibiting β-lactamase. A different formulation obtained MIC within hour-fast Action.


COMPOSITION (Each 4.5 gm vial contains)

Ceftriaxone : 3000 mg

Sulbactam Sodium USP equivalent to Sulbactam : 1500 mg



Ceftriaxone, 3rd Generation Cephalosporin
Sulbactam, β-lactamase inhibitors
Synergistic action enhance the bactericidal activity
Sulbactam protects Ceftriaxone by inhibiting β-lactamase
Potent bactericidal in nature


Acute & Per acute Mastitis
Skin, soft tissue infection
Post operative treatment

For I/M, I/V, or S/C injection

Large Animals: 5-8 mg/kg b. wt once daily for 3-5 days

or as directed by the veterinarian.

PRESENTATION: 3 4.5 gm vials with w.f.i and 20ml syringe needle


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