AptiUp is a rumen specific bolus for better ruminal health. It is having chelated minerals which facilitates biochemical reactions and also required rumen microbial growth. It is also having Vitamins (Vitamin A, D3, E, H, K & Choline) with probiotic cocktail (S. Cerevisiae, Propionibacterium Freudenreichii, Bacillus Licheniformis, Lactobacillus Acidophillus) which controls redox potential.

AptiUp provides  Crude Protein. It releases NPN which supplies Nitrogen to the rumen microbes. It is must for better health and better production.

AptiUp containing certain pH regulators which provides:

  • Rumen buffer helps to neutralize acidosis conditions.
  • Helps to adapt rumen during feed changes.
  • Maintains dietary cation – anion difference (DCAD).
  • Control occurrence of subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA).

AptiUP helps in Ruminal Stasis, Indigestion, Anorexia, improve fat, improve milk yield, antibiotic therapy.


  • Reduces risk of SARA and clinical acidosis and rumen dysfunction.
  • Increases levels of total VFA’s.
  • Increases cellulolytic bacteria to utilize high starch rations.
  • Improves FCR by increasing utilization of dry matter and fermentation of organic matter.
  • Increases Fat, SNF & Milk yield.

Recommended Usage

Cattle & Buffalo:

(i) Simple Anorexia – 2 Bolus (ii)Severe Cases – 4 Bolus OD

Sheep & Goat:

(i) Simple Anorexia – 1 Bolus (ii)Severe Cases – 2 Bolus OD


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